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Kato Kachimotaki - 絶望の苦味感 (Zetsubou No Nigamikan)
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The album title "Zetsubou No Nigamikan" can be interpreted as Despair and Bitterness.

"Despite the versality of genres, the flow within the same track and from track to the next is so incredibly amazing and natural, that by the time the listener will get to the end of listening the fifth track at nearly 35m minutes, he/she may not have realised so much time as passed by since the beginning of the listening journey had begun. Even within the same track, there is also that excitement, when listening, due to a considerable degree of unpredictability in the flow."

Ryan Muscat
of M.A.D. (Music Analysis Discussions) Global Music Forum
  1. Cinematic Drone Ritual Ambient, Avantgarde
  2. Cinematic Drone Ritual Ambient Industrial, Industrial Metal
  3. Experimental Cinematic Drone Ritual Noise Ambient
  4. Avantgarde, Cinematic, Breakbeat, Dubstep, Industrial
  5. Experimental Dark Ambient Industrial
絶望の苦味感 to be released on 1st of March 2020 at UTSC as digital download.

All music written, produced and performed by Kato Kachimotaki

Album cover artwork by Michaił "Miguel" Iwanow

Mixing and mastering by Anatoly "Tokee" Grinberg

The album is on UTSC Bandcamp page.
Kato Kachimotaki
絶望の苦味感 (Zetsubou No Nigamikan) is music coming from the obscure Japanese artist Kato Kachimotaki. In fact we know nothing about him...

The intense cinematic atmosphere with which the album begins, serves to prepare the listener of what is yet to come. The versatility of genres which emerge throughout the whole release, together with the originality of the end result, will end up catching the listeners’ attention all along the way and make it one to remember by the end of 2020 (despite still being rather early in the year) and also, perhaps a favourite for the year.

Kato on Facebook
- says Ryan again.
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Bravery will take you into the most dangerous of places.
Overwhelming sound-power will see you safely through them.

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