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Lucidstatic - Spaces Between
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Sometimes you are on top and sometimes you find rock bottom, this is between those worlds. This is the music that filled the spaces between my highs and lows.

This collection of material was written between various projects spanning the last 2 years. The work is instrumental and sample based. I intended the work to be a nod back to my roots balancing between the lighter and darker ends of the spectrum.
/ James Church

In stark contrast to the cold Alaskan landscape from which he hails, LUCIDSTATIC offers a fierce hybrid of Breakcore, Powernoise, and classic Industrial elements.
  1. Into The Darkness
  2. Where My Dreams Hide
  3. Deeper In
  4. The Room
  5. Vacuum
  6. Rally
  7. Impression / Departure
  8. ft Kolanek
  9. Out Of The Darkness
  10. Cascade Of Noise V2
  11. (Eagle Hotel)
  12. Exposure Of A True Face
  13. Jacob's Ladder
  14. No. 47+ Mix By Mono Penguin
"SPACES BETWEEN" to be released December 10 at UTSC as high quality 6 panel digipack and digital download.

All music written, produced and performed by Lucidstatic
'Impression / Departure' written and produced by Lucidstatic and Kolanek
Remix of 'Jacob's Ladder' by Mono Penguin

Album cover artwork by Nick Gladyshev
Mixing and mastering by Anatoly "Tokee" Grinberg.

Limited edition of 500 copies is available on our Bandcamp page.
From the cold landscapes of Alaska comes a talented artist by the name of Lucidstatic. With his prolific blend of glitch, breakcore, industrial, and idm, Lucidstatic is by no means an imitator, but rather an innovator of the hard electronic sound. With a grocery list of remixing and collaboration credits to his name, including Unter Null, Diverje, Totakeke, Manufactura, Otto Von Shirach, ESA, C/A/T, Servo Hatred, Experiment Haywire, Autoclav1.1, as well as his downtempo alter ego Pandora's Black Book, Lucidstatic manages to maintain his own style, effortlessly fusing addictive rhythms with slicing beatwork and thought-provoking samples to create sonic compositions that will grab the listener firmly by the tympanic membranes.

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LUCIDSTATIC is a solo project by
  • James Church
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Bravery will take you into the most dangerous of places.
Overwhelming sound-power will see you safely through them.

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